About Gold Star Plumbing

You have made the right decision in coming here. We are Gold Star Plumbing and we are your local, reliable, competent plumbing professionals. For 30 years we have sought to become peerless in the region and have sought to do so through an enthusiastic mind-set of ever seeking to enrich our already vast product knowledge, a shared value of providing a high quality service for our customers which is both empathetic yet delivers results and a prompt 30-90* minute call out time for our works. Why not give us a call today? We would be happy to help.

For the tap which has malfunctioned we offer a versatile service which carries a high degree of resolution no matter the problem. Tap issues can disturb the smooth, comfortable routine of a property with a contribution of unnecessary irritation. Armed with a range of parts and a wide range of skills, we determine what has caused the issue and conduct a swift and effective resolution so your tap’s functionality can be restored. We conduct repairs to loose or snapped taps, leaking taps, taps which no longer turn off and on as well as to taps which you want replacing or fitting as per your own preference. Most parts on our van would be viable alternatives but if additional parts are required we can leave and acquire the necessary parts with a prompt return so an effective result can still be achieved.


  • We are available 24 hours a day*, 7 days a week*.
  • We have no call-out charges.
  • We provide a high quality service at competitive rates.
  • We provide free written estimates and quotes.
  • We provide a 30-90 minute response.*
  • Insurance approved work and full guarantees provided.
  • Our contractors are Police registered.
  • We have a friendly and welcoming office staff.
  • Our engineers and technicians are fully qualified.
  • All manner of emergency and non-emergency repairs.
  • We carry out repairs at both homes and businesses.
  • All our parts are of British Standard quality.
  • Tap repair or replacement.
  • Repair or replacement of exposed and unexposed pipework.
  • Installation of utilities and appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, showers, sinks and toilets.
  • Toilet and sink unblocking and repair.
  • Water tank/immersion heater repair or replacement.
  • Shower repair.
  • Radiator relocation, repair, replacement or installation.
  • Complete bathroom installation.
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