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Welcome to Gold Star Plumbing. Here at Gold Star we offer an emergency plumbing service. We can be with you between 30-90* minutes emergency response time. From broken pipes to blocked toilets, here we do it all. So call us today on 0800 051 8779 to receive your free quotation. Gold star Plumbing are your number one choice in local York plumbers.

Our plumbers are highly skilled and have the appropriate qualifications to conduct all plumbing work you require. Here at Gold Star we offer a free quotation service. If you call us on our free phone today, we can offer you q free quotation on the work you require. If you wish to go ahead with the work our engineer can be with you either the same day or at any time you prefer, with no call out charge! We accept all card types, so call today.


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Our plumbers are highly skilled and appropriately qualified when it comes to all plumbing work. Our engineers are safe contractor approved. From blocked toilets to broken water pipes, our engineers are on standby, ready to complete your work whenever you call. Call us today on 0800 051 8779 to speak to a member of our team.

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For internal leaks of differing location and severity we strive to provide a service which is second to none for all our customers. We provide a 30-90 minute* callout service 24 hours a day* 7 days a week* so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that the leak will not be a problem for long. Even if the leak is apparently minor it is recommended to pursue a repair at the earliest possibility if only to prevent a gradual increase in the property damage through repetitive exposure to a constant leak. The cumulative damage concludes in potential property damage to the ceiling or in structural rot. Repair can be carried out to an exposed or unexposed pipe, in the case of the latter being made accessible is a pre-requisite to repair; our plumbers can attempt to make it accessible if that is possible. We repair or replace the washer or section of pipe and isolate the water to the area if need be.

Installation of utilities.

Wishing to be as versatile as possible to deliver an effective service which would exceed your expectations, we understand the need to be capable of installing a range of utilities encompassing a wide area. Our plumbers can install a range of utilities including, sinks, dishwashers, showers, washing machines and toilets to an internal structure of sufficient pipework inside the property. We can install a utility which we supply or one of your own which you have supplied. Disconnection can also be arranged through the isolation of water to the key area. If an installation is required where insufficient pipework exists our plumbers can determine a way of running pipework to the area as per additional work so installation can commence.


Toilets are integral components in the function of a property. An inhibited performance could cause discomfort annoyance or a decline in sanitation in the long term. To avoid any undue stress a blocked toilet or a blocked sink can cause our plumbers come prepared with plungers, chemicals or machines to assist in the blockage which is causing the inconvenience. We aim to clear blockages promptly without fuss, allowing a free flow to swiftly return. For the case of a broken toilet flush, overflowing cistern or a leaking toilet or sink, our plumbers carry a wide range of parts which should be sufficient for a prompt repair.

Water tanks.

Like other utilities, water tanks and immersion heaters run the risk of suffering problems after a long enough use through wear and tear. When the ball-valve falters or fails in the water tank it can overflow as the level has been miscalculated. There is a risk of damage to both types of tank and a risk of leaks from connecting pipes. We strive to provide a swift resolution to all of these. The cause of the fault is determined and the required repairs are carried out. If replacement tanks are required, we re-quote accordingly and proceed as required.


Our plumbers are aware of the need for extensive knowledge regarding showers. There are a wide range of different showers and a wide number of potential issues that can occur. Both mains showers and electric showers can find themselves at risk of a myriad of potential issues, whether it be a leak from the unit or from a number of possible locations on the shower, a loss of heat or water pressure, structural damage or broken parts. The remedy depends on the nature of the problem and the remedy may involve one of a number of different types of parts; each of differing makes. Our plumbers use their knowledge to not just determine the problem but strategize a solution where the correct makes of parts are identified and implemented so the shower can become fully functional again. If the shower needs replacing our plumber can determine the make of the shower and fit accordingly.


As the principles behind radiator work are the same as those behind other utilities, our plumbers ensure they can carry out all manner of radiator work. These range from the remedy of problems – from the bleeding of a radiator which has a less than optimal heat output due to air build up to the repair of leaks on the radiator’s body or associated pipework to more extensive work of a less urgent nature - the installation of new radiators or the relocation or disconnection of existing ones. We are sure to provide an excellent service for you, no matter what work needs carrying out. In the event there is insufficient pipework for a new fitting, we can attempt to run new pipework to the area for you so a successful installation can be achieved.

Bathroom installations.

Are you interested in having a completely new bathroom installation at your property? We are proud to say that we can help. We have a long-running competitive service for complete installations and we would be happy to extend this same service to you. We pride ourselves on our meticulous level of detail and our refined level of professionalism to ensure a high-quality produce to greatly benefit your property. Give us a call today and we can arrange a quote for you either over the phone or at the property.

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